Laying Down on the Job

Laying Down on the Job
The Santa Monica Easy

Friday, April 8, 2011

Santa Monica Critters

One of the delightful graces of Santa Monica are the critters, the pets, the wildlife, the winged creatures great and small. 
Wild Critters having fun while the real critter watches for Trick-or-Treaters
Shiba Inu pup outside Von's is not ready for her close-up.
Grey Hound hard at work.
"Get-me-outta-here!" kitty.
Community splash next to the Santa Monica jail.
Nikka (left) and Turbo on "Squirrel!" watch.
BIG Hello Kitty watching the holiday cemetery.
Hello Kitty and Pez friends.
How much is the Hello Kitty in the window?
I couldn't resist asking the owner of this sweet, friendly Dachshund for permission to take her (or his) picture. It was 10pm and my iPhone blurred this sweetheart's adorable face.  
Resident Turkey
 I wonder how many residents or visitors of Santa Monica know there's an aquarium under the pier?
Moray Eel with something to say... (Santa Monica Museum)
Stingless Ray (?) (Santa Monica Aquarium)

Star Fish in a dramatic pose (Santa Monica Aquarium)

Crab critter (Santa Monica Aquarium)

Birds of Paradise critters.

Waiting while "Mom" shops.

Brown Poodle buddy.
Garden critters and...

more Garden Critters

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