Laying Down on the Job

Laying Down on the Job
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

UPDATE: Santa Monica Urgent Care DOES Care!

     The last thing I said in my previous post was that if Santa Monica Urgent Care changes their policy so that they accept Medicare, I'd change/edit/update my blog (and Yelp review) -- and that I hoped they would. Well, it must be a good day for wishes because I was very quickly contacted by Susan N., the office manager for Santa Monica Urgent Care and told that I'd been given incorrect information -- THEY DO ACCEPT MEDICARE (Susan also left a comment on the blog entry). I'm VERY pleased to update this blog and share my really amazing experience at Santa Monica Urgent Care, 524 Colorado Blvd..

     As I stated, shortly after I posted the Yelp review and my blog entry I got an email from Susan N. and invited to call her direct number so she could help me get the medical attention I needed. I called Susan who encouraged me to come in right away. When I explained that I was tired and would go in the morning, Susan offered to call a cab to bring me to the office (only 6 blocks away). She also offered to drive to my home and pick me up! I really appreciated the offer but felt I would gather myself enough to walk over before the end of the day. I arrived near 4:30 pm and was quickly processed and saw the doctor in well less than 20 minutes.  The office lobby is small but clean, uncluttered and wasn't busy -- which surprised and delighted me.  I was treated, received meds and left the office in probably less than 30 minutes. I have to say my opinion of this service has been turned around 180 degrees. I have no doubt the issue of what insurance they accept has now been cleared up with the staff.  As I left the office, one more act of apology for the morning's misinformation was provided (which I won't detail since it was, in my estimation, an extraordinary accommodation and not something you'd ever get from any doctor's office or hospital).  I left, very impressed, knowing I'd have no problem coming back if needed. I NOW UNHESITATINGLY AND ENTHUSIASTICALLY RECOMMEND SANTA MONICA URGENT CARE.  In addition, their web site is very informative, easy to navigate and read.  I especially like that there's a link on the web site home page for new patient forms which can be printed and filled out before you get to the office, saving a little extra time.

     I walked to the office but can understand how particularly frustrating the metro line construction on Colorado Blvd. has made it for anyone who drives to SM Urgent Care. This is not the fault of SM Urgent Care.  The city of Santa Monica has made it nearly impossible for drivers to readily get to the office and then find the parking lot in back. If you do drive, I'd recommend calling the office first (310-394-2273) and ask for specifics about how to get to their parking lot.

     My first experience with an urgent care facility happened about two years ago. I was visiting relatives in Rancho Cordova at the time and had a medical issue involving sudden and unusual pain but it wasn't a life-endangering matter.  I didn't want to drive back to L.A. to see my usual doctor while in that much discomfort. Even if I did, knew I couldn't get an appointment for about 2 weeks anyway.  I went to an urgent care clinic in nearby Carmichael and was impressed with the ease, efficiency and professionalism of the walk-in visit, which is why I had no problem deciding to go to an urgent care office here in Santa Monica. As far as I'm concerned, being able to walk into an urgent care facility to get a  medical issue resolved in less than 24 hrs. is a new and exciting turn for the better in the field of patient health care.  The Santa Monica Urgent Care office is a worthy addition to our community. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. We are trying to convince our town to bring in an urgent care center and people just keep bringing up horror stories of what can go wrong. It is good to have proof of the other side of the debate. We need one so badly and some people are just stuck in their ways.

    Laverne Bodnar @ U.S. HealthWorks Sacramento - Downtown