Laying Down on the Job

Laying Down on the Job
The Santa Monica Easy

Friday, February 18, 2011

February Showers Bring Santa Monica Flowers

It's the second or third straight day of rain in Santa Monica and this is December weather!  When the rain went from cold shower to drizzle, I took the opportunity to do my daily (sort of) walk-about.  I noticed that blossoms have started popping all over despite the still-cool temperatures!  

I don't know the name of most of these lovely plants but I am delighted by them just the same. 
Yellow flowers seem to trumpet their beauty.
Blossoming jade plant.
Even Birds of Paradise have bad hair days when it rains. 

Then there's this adventurous blossom, first on the tree to show its delicate pink, happy face.

I just love the flora and fauna of Santa Monica.  It's never dull and I am always charmed by the surprise of newly opened flowers or cactus blooms.

It's like Spring only without the Spring temperatures.  
I don't know what this is but it's wonderfully fragrant. 

This handsome, regal cactus has an about-to-blossom red bulb where a flower will soon peek through.
A wild and wonderful orange-red plant, dripping in rain. 

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