Laying Down on the Job

Laying Down on the Job
The Santa Monica Easy

Monday, February 7, 2011

Today in Santa Monica

I'm so lucky.  Truly lucky.  I live in Santa Monica, CA, and I LOVE where I live in Santa Monica.  To be honest, I hate how the traffic has become horrendous and dangerous because the Santa Monica City Council did not plan well for the tremendous building growth the Planning Committee has allowed -- and I hate all the ugly "industrial" high-rises the Santa Monica Architectural Review Board has inexplicably approved -- but I love living in Santa Monica.  I live just under one mile from the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  I can (and do) walk to the grocery store, dry cleaners, deli, drug store, local tavern with 2 pool tables (I just learned to play), bank, post office, Coffee Tea and Bean (or as I like to call it, "Coffee, Tea and Me") and every specialty boutique shop you can imagine.

Today as I walked to the bank, deli and grocery store, I took iPhone pics to share a little of why I love living in and walking around Santa Monica. 

Lovely pups waiting for their pack leaders to pick them up from "Healthy Spot".  
Local tavern, PJ's Sports Bar & Grill,  with 2 dart boards, 2 pool tables, jukebox, a grill and full bar.  

For the longest time I just called this place, "the bar on the corner of 11th and Wilshire"; its signage is relatively small and they have no web site -- yet it manages to do a brisk business. It's just a neighborhood tavern in the middle of Santa Monica!
This is my dream "store" 
where some of the most wonderful classic cars are shown (and sold) -- and then there's...

this wonderful red truck with palm tree reflections in the window. 

More little Santa Monica surprises to follow.

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