Laying Down on the Job

Laying Down on the Job
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birth Daze

March 9th was the second anniversary of my 30th birthday.  It's also the 147th anniversary of the battle of Monitor and Marrimac, but I seriously digress. The "surprise" birthday bash was undoubtedly the best, most unforgettable birthday ever -- and I should know, I've had my share of birthdays.  Despite my intention to take lots of photos, I took exactly none.  However, my dear friend and expert photo-taker, Elena, took many with her high-fallutin'-multi-fangled-photo-makin' contraption (apparently, I'm suddenly channeling an old prospector from a Bugs Bunny cartoon) all of which she posted on Flickr and her blog (scroll down a ways because she posts every day and I am not yet similarly organized).  We had FUN of the most excellent variety.  I don't ever want to know what it's like to be friendless.  As all who attended can attest, my friends have given much to my life.  My friends -- don't make me single you out -- have been examples of grace, tenacity, courage, serenity, love, joy, achievement, patience, tenderness and have given me a shoulder of two for my tears, encouragement for my attempts to make them laugh, wise advice, earnest hugs, total forgiveness -- well, Friendship.  If my friends were converted to currency, I'd be at the top of the "Forbes" list of Richest Women in the World.  Oh yah, I would!  Thank you from the core of my heart Nia, Vern, Hadassa, Phil, Elena, Taylor, Ramy, Steve V., Bob, Steve E., Marjorie, Tony, MikeMichelle, Tina, Marianne, Sophie and Mr. BoJindo!

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  1. There's no one else we'd rather have celebrated.