Laying Down on the Job

Laying Down on the Job
The Santa Monica Easy

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Can Has iPhone?

Oh, yah, I got an iPhone -- I can tell `cause it looks just like the photo on the cover of the book, "iPhone, Fully Loaded" by the fabulous Andy Ihnatko (Google his name if you don't recognize it -- and if you don't recognize it, you're not a Mac addict).  The iPhone was a gift from my always-generous daughter who is the source of all my computer-ability, and from whom I'm borrowing the book.  If it weren't for her, I'd still be using an Apple IIc and eating food with stone-crafted tools.  I think the term is: luddite, although I prefer, Neo-Luddite.  Thanks to Nia, I am the wildly happy owner of an iPhone.  I've loaded it with free "apps" -- many of which I'll never use and/or never learn to use -- but the little app icons look pretty!  Besides the phone feature, I've  downloaded email, text-messaged, Twittered, browsed/searched the webnets (which came in handy when the dreaded "Triangle of Death" warning light lit on my Prius dashboard last December and a quick check via a Google search led me to discern -- rightly -- that I hadn't closed the gas cap tightly enough after the last fill-up). I've used the iPod/podcast feature extensively, and consulted Urbanspoon (to find a vegan restaurant), Yelp, Weather Bug, NetNews, RTM (Remember The Milk), TipStar and Handy Level (which I love to play with at restaurants to make sure the table is level... doesn't everyone?). It's an amazing device although I've never used a Blackberry, so my opinion is pretty biased.  Still, I like it. 

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